In the fall of 1963, the end of the Rutland Railroad was in sight and, on January 6th, 1964 a new shortline was born. Created by Jay Wulfson, the Vermont Railway thus became the first public/private railroad operation in the Nation. Operating 125 miles of track in the state of Vermont, the Vermont Railway was a success from the beginning. Before the end of the first day of operations, larger locomotives were already being ordered to haul the daily freight.This first day of operation proved that the Vermont Railway was going to grow into a long-standing shortline carrier.

As traffic increased, dark green boxcars proudly displaying "Vermont Railway" logos were seen from coast-to-coast on all major rail carriers. Soon, the name Vermont Railway would be seen on every major highway as well.

In 1967, the Vermont Railway created a new opportunity for the shippers of Vermont, trailer-on-flat-car. Operating piggyback service in and out of Vermont, the Vermont Railway grew the intermodal trailer fleet to over 6,000 units and became one of the largest trailer operators in the nation; as well as being an integral part of the development of intermodal equipment. With the new success of intermodal traffic, Vermont Railway added terminals in Chicago St. Louis, and Memphis to handle the high demand for the Vermont Railway trailer fleet.
While the trailer fleet was proving to be a success in the nation, at home the Vermont Railway was growing. Purchasing the Clarendon and Pittsford RR in 1972, acquiring a portion of the D&H line in 1983, adding the Green Mountain Railroad in 1997, and recently bringing the Washington County Railroad and the New York & Ogdensburg Railway into the new Vermont Rail System family of carriers, they continue to grow. As one of the hemisphere’s top shortline operators, they continue “Serving North America’s Industry with Pride”!
This growth not only has allowed Vermont Rail System to become a premier freight hauler, but also created the ability to offer rail service to the general public. With daily Amtrak service, commuter rail service and tourist trains, folks of all ages can come to Vermont and ride the rails of the Vermont Rail System.

Today, while maintaining its family ownership, the 150 employees of the Vermont Rail System operate 350 miles of railroad running freight and passenger trains and support reload and warehouse facilities at multiple locations along our lines. The synergy of these divisions has developed the Vermont Rail System into a complete logistics provider.

It is our employees, our customers, and our values that have helped us to grow to who we are today. From the carload to your door, the Vermont Rail System can handle your needs. Give us a call today and learn how we can help you grow your business!