Vermont Rail System Freight Services
– Customer Oriented Transportation

Vermont Rail System is an affiliation of five shortlines; Vermont Railway (VTR), Green Mountain Railroad (GMRC), Clarendon and Pittsford Railroad (CLP), Washington County Railroad (WACR), and New York and Ogdensburg Railway (NYOG). Individually, each shortline provides personalized, efficient, and reliable rail freight service to a wide variety of on-line customers. Joined in common ownership the railroads form a strategic alliance that allows for better utilization of manpower and equipment, resulting in an increased level of service to customers.

The Vermont Rail System operates over 350 miles of track that is a mixture of 263,000# and 286,000# capable. Five day per week service is provided on almost all lines, and some routes are served seven days per week. VRS mainline operations handle both general freight and unit trains, with most lines cleared for Plate F/extra height boxcars. In addition the railroad maintains clearance routes for oversized loads and specialty movements such as autoracks, wind turbine components, and transformers. Yard and siding space is available for limited carload storage-in-transit. Many stations along VRS routes still feature siding/team tracks for localized transloading of shipments.

On all VRS routes customers can expect prompt handling of both inbound and outbound loads. Typical travel time over VRS from interchange to siding can be as little as two days.

VRS maintains excellent relations with our interchange partners so our customers can effectively utilize a variety of rates and routes that best suit their individual needs. Interchange partners include: New England Central, Pan Am Southern (Norfolk Southern), Canadian Pacific, CSX, Central Maine & Quebec, and Canadian National (via NECR). Interchange points are:
- VTR: Burlington, VT (NECR), Hoosick Jct., NY (PAS & NS); Whitehall, NY (CPRS); Bellows Falls, VT (NECR & PAS);
White River Jct., VT (NECR & PAS); Newport, VT (CMQ); Palmer, MA (CSXT) - Note: no hazardous or dimensional shipments via Palmer, MA
- VTR Granite District: Montpelier Jct., VT (NECR)
- NYOG: Norwood, NY (CSX)

VRS’s shipping operations reach beyond the rails with VRS-Connect, an affiliation of trans-loading, warehousing, and distribution facilities located strategically across the system. Visit our VRS-Connect page for more information.

Please inquire to our freight department about serving your specific rail transportation needs.